Dull and cloudy

So today’s lockdown walk was just around the streets near home, a mere                           4700 steps.

Into the Warm

Normally by now my tortoise has poked his head out following his hibernation. Unsurprisingly there has not been a muff from him so far this year, so we have moved his sleeping quarters into a cool room in the house so that things are a bit warmer for him.


Our outside tap was pouring water this morning. Turned off at the mains, dismantled tap and put it back together. It worked! Seems there may have been ice in the tap which lifted the washer which didn’t settle back down properly.

Temperature not been above freezing for several days now

Even More Brrr

New record low of minus 6.4 last night. Still minus 4 mid morning and snowing steadily. Best to stay indoors and listen to ‘Alterum’ by Julie Fowlis.


Down to minus 5.1 last night, coldest for well over 12 months.


Still waiting

HPS Open Competition

A successful evening with two seconds (mono images/colour images) and a third (DPIs)

It’s Been a While….

Feb Evening 0865Since I added anything to this site. Although the links to my Flickr photostream are updating as ever. This image was taken at Rye Meads a week ago. Today it was so wet, dull, and miserable I never ventured out of the visitor centre.

New Theme

I have adopted a new theme for this blog. The picture in the banner is of the Paine massif in Patagonia, taken by me in November 2008.