Home made hot cross buns today!

Tonight’s meal was sausages with a baked potato. The potatoes were first of all microwaved for a short while before being put in the oven to bake. Whilst the first potato was in the oven, the second potato, in the microwave, exploded! Shortly after, the first potato, in the oven, also exploded!

Squatters Rights?

According to the “Blue Tit” diary we keep, on 2 April last year we saw a big fight inside our nest box between two Blue Tits which were building a nest and a Great Tit which was trying to roost in there. Last night we switched the camera on to see if a bird was roosting…..there was and it was a Great Tit! Feathers could fly again this year!

Despite it being rather early in the season, and the weather having turned colder, a pair of kingfishers have been exploring the nest bank at Rye Meads, and have even been mating nearby. There were excellent views of the female when I was there yesterday, but not near enough for me to try to photograph, so here is a picture of a Tufted Duck instead.

Meanwhile back at Ox Lane the blue tits are now beginning to bring moss into our nest box, so hopefully it will not be long before we are getting interesting pictures from the camera. Perhaps one of the birds is this one I pictured during the winter.

Latest pearl of wisdom from Mother: “Life is a rhododendron forest”.

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